Independent Architect M.Arch. SAR/MSA, Lic.Eng., PhD


Jonas Runberger is an architect active in practice, research and education, based in Stockholm. His practice involve the relation between design techniques, architectural production and experiential effect, with an emphasis on the impact of digital technology on both experimental and conventional practice. Jonas has 24 years of experience as a practitioner and educator, and 12 years as researcher. He holds a PhD (2012), a Licentiate Degree (2008) and a Masters degree (2004) from KTH School of Architecture (Stockholm), and also studied at Chalmers ACE (Gothenburg) and the Bartlett School of Architecture (London). He has extensive experience in project specific innovation, where computational methods are developed and applied within architectural commissions, as well as education and training of architectural design and computation for students and practitioners.

Jonas was previously Head of Dsearch – a computational design development environment at White Arkitekter (Stockholm 2010 – 2024) where he led a team of specialists engaged in development within commissions, generic design methodologies, and research projects. He and his team were engaged in over 100 architectural commissions and research projects, and Jonas also held several strategic roles within White Research Lab, the R&D division within the practice. Prior to this, he was the Director of ssark medialab at Scheiwiller Svensson arkitektkontor (2000 – 2010) and Director of R&D at the same company (2009 – 2010).

Jonas was the Professors in Digital Design at Chalmers Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Gothenburg 2016 – 2023), where he led several research projects and was engaged as a teacher in the Masters Program. Additional academic positions include an Adjunct Professorship in Applied Digital Design (2014 – 2017), an Assistant Professorship (2013 – 2017) at the KTH, where he led Design Studio 9 in the Masters Program (2010 – 2016). Prior to this, Jonas was a Unit Master of Diploma Unit 16 of the Architectural Association School of Architecture (London 2008 – 2010), a Lecturer at the Architecture & Digital Design Systems Masters program at London Metropolitan University (London 2008 – 2009), and an assistant in the Machinic Processes in Architectural Design wahlfach at ETHZ (Zurich 2001).

Besides his experience in academia and practice, Jonas is also engaged as a reviewer and coach for research and innovation projects (Smart Built Environment, Vinnova, Formas), and is a frequent writer and lecturer within the field of architectural design, digitalisation and pedagogy. His work has been exhibited in Sweden and internationally, and he often acts as a broker between research, practice and education.

Full CV for download in pdf format available here.