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Dsearch [White], Forumtorget, Uppsala

Posted by on June 2, 2018

The Forumtorget bench on-site

The Forumtorget bench on-site

Forumtorget is now open, with the full bench completed.

Dsearch [White], Quality Globe Hotel, Stockholm

Posted by on October 25, 2014

Photo credits: Thomas Zarr / White arkitekter AB

Photo credits: Thomas Zaar / White arkitekter AB

As part of the extension of the Quality Hote Globe, Dsearch developed an interior cladding system for the main banquet hall, that also forms the ceiling of the main foyer area. Development ranged from initial concepts to design, fabrication and assembly. Dsearch development team: Sander Shuur, Jonas Runberger, Hama Agahimeybodi and Pedram Seddighzadeh Yazdi.

Dsearch [White], design development for Forumtorget

Posted by on May 15, 2012

Parametric system and resulting formal variation

Parametric system and resulting formal variation

The continued design work for Forumtorget involves the development of a parametric system (using Grasshopper) that allows the exact definition of each part of the 0 meter long sofa with the immediate delivery of production documentation for each of the 1500 + lamellas needed for the complete production. The parametric model was developed to allow a non-specialist (with no expertise in parametric modeling) to continue to refine the overall form.

White workshop Digital Design Strategies initiated

Posted by on March 27, 2011

Half the group in progress

Half the group in progress

The first of three workshop days that will introduce digital design strategies and parametric thinking to Associates of White & Partners was facilitated in March in the Stockholm office. 25 participants from six different White offices took part, and will through the spring try out a number of digital tools while developing small design proposals within teams. The projects will explore parametric design thinking, analytical techniques and fabrication. The workshop is organized by Dsearch in collaboration with White R&D Building technology (Kunskapsbygget Byggteknik), with financial support from the ARQ Research Foundation.

AA DIP16 exhibits at Bioinspired Forum, Simrishamn

Posted by on August 20, 2009


AA DIP16 and KTH Performative Design exhibition

As part of the Bioinspired Forum in Simrishamn, a venue discussing biomimetics and a potential future marine research center in Simrishamn, eight students from AA DIP16 exhibited their work together with the KTH Performative Design studio. The exhibition featured posters and models from the past year´s work.

The exhibition is located in the harbour of Simrishamn, Sweden, and is open from 15 – 23 of August 2009.