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PARCEL – Developing Performative Prototypes in Architectural Design, 2005

Posted by on September 1, 2005

This paper defines a field of operation for recently initiated research project Prototype development within architecture , through the activity of the Krets research group and by references in related fields. Key issues are how the prototype transgresses borders between design, production and performance and how it can act as a protocol of communication, internal and external to the design process.

Paper presented at the Joining Forces conference at the University of Art and Design Helsinki.

Protocols of Collaboration, 2003

Posted by on November 1, 2003

Article discussing game-like modes of collaboration within focused and confined settings are explored through three case studies, including a RAM1 participants’ project, and two disciplines; Art and Architecture. The RAM1 workshop provided valuable input, as well as the NON and PoP courses, performed at the Royal Institute of technology, Stockholm.

The text was published in the Re-Approaching New Media 1 printed and on-line publications.

Progressive Practice in Architecture, 2002

Posted by on December 1, 2002

Article looking for definitions of progressice practice of architecture in commercial settings. Through the key concepts of Innovation, Critical approach and External Communication, the authors are investigating possible models for practice based research and development. Four different case studies provide a foundation for discussions on the performance of the proposal, the issue of survival and funding and the importance of new arenas for practice.

Based on a workshop led by Fredric Benesch and Jonas Runberger at the symposium Landscapes of Architectural Research 19-21 April 2002, in Ultuna.

Nordic Journal for Architectural Research no 4 2002
Co-authored with Fredric Benesch

Architectural Prototypes, 2002

Posted by on September 12, 2002

Part of a series of articles on new technologies for prototyping and production, presenting examples of architectural prototyping from the practices of Servo and Greg Lynn, as well as the Machinic Processes in Architectural Design. It looks into the potential of new digital rapid prototyping techniques, as well as new modes of professional operation based on those techniques.

Yearbook for the Polytechnic Society of Gothenburg

Hyper:Sketch – Site specific media in architectural design, 2001

Posted by on November 1, 2001

Paper following up on the work of the two first Hyper:Sketch courses, initiated in Spring 2000 to explore a burning issue in Architectural design: How will physically built architecture and digitally mediated environments relate in future spatial designs?

Beyond the immediate presence of the space through aesthetics and material effects, the more radical change in thinking lies in a new nature of architectural organizations.
How do buildings operate as organizations, whereby its constituent spaces do not have to be in the same geographical location anymore? Tele presence and other forms of remote communication, designed into the structure of built space can help to shape a radically revised understanding of how ‘local’ a building needs to be.

This co-authored paper was presented by Tobi Schneidler at conference on Architectural Research and IT, Aarhus 2001

Probing the Conjectural, 2001

Posted by on October 25, 2001

Student project by Joel Hedgren and Andreas Hiller

An article discussing the notion of the test platform as a tool for architectural experimentation. Key aspects of contexts, formats and terminology are probed through historical references such as Archigram, Constant Nieuwenhuis of the Situationist movement and the practice of Paul Virilio and Claude Parent, as well as recent design studios in education.

The text is based on the Probing the Conjectural lecture of the NON course, August 2001.
Published in Trans magazine december 2001, ETH, Zurich
Co-written with Daniel Norell