Month: July 1998

Dynamo, on the generation of Spaces, 1997 – 1998

Posted by on July 1, 1998

The reversal of design process, creating conditions without specific uses, and explorations that would suggest uses. A generation of spaces, focusing on exact methods and the conclusions thereof, to suggest a design methodology through an understanding of input and output. Exploring the gap between the virtual and the actual, theory and practice, concept and technology.

A series of projects culminated in a design-technical dissertation and a final project based on a brief for a circus school. The given site, an air right above Farringdon Station, London, and the potential of new circus using terrain as a play ground for acrobatics implemented a number of important concepts: recreated nature and the translation of context, the physical and virtual framework, as well as generative feedback. A physical structure carried programmatic containers defined as vessels, allowing a top-side accessible to the public, and a bottom-side accessible to acrobats with special skills.

student design project + dissertation, the Bartlett School of Architecture, 1997-1998
tutor: Tony Smart, Unit 1