Month: November 1998

Dynamic Labyrinths, 1998

Posted by on November 25, 1998

A proposal exploring the potential of the Dynamic Labyrinth, a Situationist concept indicating the notion of being lost, while still finding your way. Developed in a course on subway systems, the project deals with a potential transport conduit between existing and planned subway stations at slussen in Stockholm.

Rather than dealing with a new station, the project explores a passage between the complex, multi-level facilities of the Slussen hub, and a new commuter station near Mariatorget.

The passages are set in the sides of a turning void, linking different levels at both end points. Frequently the passages shift side, passing the void through capsules spanning the void. The commuter would never experience the full space of the void, but glimpse it through a partly obstructed screen. The redundant number of passages allowed for different routes to the same destination.

By suggesting programmatic free-zone activities in the capsules, residing within the regional transportation system, the project prosed situaitons which would exist outside of the urban planning model.

KTH School of Architecture,1998
tutor: Weronika Ronnefalk
examinating professor: Staffan Henriksson
exhibited at the Museum of Architecture 1998