Month: November 2001

Hyper:Sketch – Site specific media in architectural design, 2001

Posted by on November 1, 2001

Paper following up on the work of the two first Hyper:Sketch courses, initiated in Spring 2000 to explore a burning issue in Architectural design: How will physically built architecture and digitally mediated environments relate in future spatial designs?

Beyond the immediate presence of the space through aesthetics and material effects, the more radical change in thinking lies in a new nature of architectural organizations.
How do buildings operate as organizations, whereby its constituent spaces do not have to be in the same geographical location anymore? Tele presence and other forms of remote communication, designed into the structure of built space can help to shape a radically revised understanding of how ‘local’ a building needs to be.

This co-authored paper was presented by Tobi Schneidler at conference on Architectural Research and IT, Aarhus 2001