Month: October 2002

Project or Proposal (PoP), 2002

Posted by on October 25, 2002

The PoP course critically explored a number of related issues concerning the areas between concept and technology, model and representation and process and proposal. The course reevaluated the components of the architectural project through the use and abuse of digital tools and the development of instrumental models.

The course was founded in the interest of the academic architectural project and its context, and the use of its potential. This five week course was set up to explore different themes and design environments, in order to find different potentials. Three different tracks were defined by references, in theory, literature and existing projects. Although dependent on texts to set up environments for discussion, the students were asked to do complete design projects, and stress issues as far as possible in five summer weeks. Projects range for explorations of attitude in a design-process, to actual suggestions for different “real” interventions, always with a mode of speculation.

KTH School of Architecture summer studio 2002
Examinator: Peter Ullstad
Tutors: Pablo Miranda, Daniel Norell, Jonas Runberger, Adam Somlai-Fischer

Communicative Spaces, 2001 – 2002

Posted by on October 25, 2002

Communicative Spaces was first of a series of courses for the Media Technology department at the KTH, with the objective of merging technological skill and new approaches to design. Bringing in architectural aspects also fused spatial qualities with mediated environments.

The students were asked to conduct research into the fields where media and architecture meet. The practical task was to create media ‘environments’ for remote and local exchange, combining experience of interactive media with the presence of physical spaces. The result was a presentation of the working environment in principle, where each group demonstrated the technology, the ideas and speculated on the effects the installation might have on the interaction between people.

Hypersketch 3 / Communicative Spaces 1, KTH Media Technology, spring 2001
Tutors: Tobi Schneidler and Jonas Runberger

Communicative Spaces 2, KTH Media Technology, spring 2002
Tutors: Pablo Miranda, Daniel Norell Jonas Runberger and Adam Somlai-Fischer

Communicative Spaces , KTH Media Technology, fall 2002
Tutors: Pablo Miranda, Annika Nyström, Jonas Runberger, Maria Sigeman and Adam Somlai-Fischer

Dramatiska Institutet [ssark], 2002

Posted by on October 25, 2002

New building for the University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre in Stockholm. Scheiwiller Svensson Architects have been involved with the project since mid 90s, through the development of the Art campus which was to be develped around Konstfack, the Univarsity College of Arts Crafts and Design.

Responsible Architects: Bo Svensson, Lars G. Wilson and Peter Hesselgren

Collaborators: Antonius van Arkel, Åsa Esseen, Ori Merom, Linda Petersdottir, Jonas Runberger, Roger Spetz and Jörgen Wohlert

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