Month: July 2008

Past lectures

Posted by on July 2, 2008

Listing past presentations and lectures.


Architectural Prototypes, lecture at the Artistic Research workshop, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Parametric Design for Innovation, lecture at White Architects, Stockholm

Prototypes and Parametric Devices, lecture, KTH-A

Visualisering, simulering, prototyper och byggnadsinformatik inom arkitektur, lecture, University of Trollhättan


Architecture and Technology: Drivers for Innovation, lecture at the University of Jönköping.

Operative Representation and digital techniques, lecture in 2nd year, KTH-A.

Design based research and the production of effect, lecture at Metropolis Lab, Copenhagen.

Prototypes in Architectural Design, lecture at Mejan Labs, Stockholm.

Architecture InFormation, presentation at the Creative within Constrains seminar at Columbia University, New York City.


Establishing Spaces of Communication, lecture at the Städelschule Online Group, Frankfurt.

Material Remediations: SplineGraft, lecture at Architectural Association, London

Architecture and Technology: Contemporary Phenomena, lecture at the University of Jönköping.

Arkitektens roll i industriellt byggande, lecture for Swedish Association of Architects.

Representation as Design Instrument, lecture at Visual Forum 2006, Gothenburg.

Material Remediations, lecture at Architectural Association, London, with Pablo Miranda.

Bostäder byggda med volymelement, report for Boverket, with SSARK.


Fabrication as Design Strategy and Operation, lecture Design Amok course, Konstfack, Stockholm.

Design-driven Research and Research-driven Design, lecture 4th year, Konstfack, Stockholm.

Streaming Architecture Projective Space, presentation Space and Perception Symposius, Rixc, Riga, Latvia.

Volumetric Housing Units, presentation of ongoing research project at City Council and the Swedish Association of Architects, with Ylva Gunterberg Ädelqvist.

PARCEL, presentation Dorkbot_STHLM seminar, CRAC, with Krets.

PARCEL, presentation Design på Gång seminar Kulturhuset Stockholm, with Krets.

Prototypes: Tools for Design and Innovation, lecture IT University, Stockholm.

Inducing Uncertainty: Performative Prototypes and Collaborative Environments, lecture, Chalmers School of Architecture, Gothenburg.


Communicative Spaces, lecture RMI Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm (2004-2005).

Research Based Design – Design Based Research, presentation at research seminar, KTH-A, with Krets.

Performative Prototypes, lecture 2nd year Crash Course, KTH-A.


Prototypical Diagrams, lecture Diagram Tectonics course, KTH-A.


Operative Representation, lecture 1st year (2002-2005), KTH-A.