Month: September 2010

Dsearch and White

Posted by on September 16, 2010

Since August 2010 I am the director of Dsearch, a recently established environment for digital design and development within White Arkitekter AB. The aim is to continuously develop methodology and design tools in order to ensure that White retains a high international standard in regards to project design and implementation. This is achieved through the formulation of strategies, independent method development and direct support in projects. The internal Dsearch network allows the competences present within White to converge in order to generate new knowledge within the field of digital design, and disseminate it throughout the organisation. The external network of Dsearch is part of an international community with a high degree of knowledge sharing within the realm of contemporary digital methodology, which will affect our design processes and the architecture we create in the future.

With ten offices in Sweden and Denmark White is one of the largest firms in Scandinavia. The strong focus on research & development with project integration is a major reason why I took on this challenge. We are currently operating primarily internally, but we are also setting up an external network for future collaboration and exchanges of ideas. If you are interested in what we are up to, please contact me at jonas.runberger[at]

Urban Future Organization annual meeting in greece

Posted by on September 12, 2010

UFO members in Athens September 2010

UFO members in Athens September 2010

The annual UFO meeting in Greece included a very enjoyable 3-day sailing trip around the Saronic Islands, in preparation for the final meeting on the hill facing Acropolis. A much needed getaway for all of us, and a very rewarding conversation on where our field of architectural exploration is heading in the near future.