Month: June 2012

Thesis defence, the end and beginning

Posted by on June 8, 2012


Ulrika's wonderful introduction that set the standards of the feast

On June 8th 2012 I defended my doctoral thesis, and passing the procedure, I received a doctorate of Archtiecture. The end of a journey starting in 2005, it was a challenge, a moment of great joy, and a time of despair. Looking back, I have to express my gratitude most strongly to many. My family; my mother Else, my sisters Anna and Camilla, my brother Hans, their spouses Colin, Martti and Lotta, my nieces and nephews Mathilda, Emma, Max and Jonathan (the photographers), and Amelie, my love, and her parents Bo and Suzanne, and sister Ebba with Pete.All for making this event something that joined professional passions with the most personal issues.

For making the endeavor possible: my professor Örjan, advisor Katja, opponent Mette, chairman Tina, and review board Lars-Henrik, Thomas and Marcus. For the celebration again my family, Amelie, Bo (in charge of the barbecue), Suzanne, Anna-Lisa, Birgitta, and Erik, and collegues Desireé. Erika, Nina, Hamia, Milad and Sander.

For speeches far beyond my expectations; Anna, Örjan, Nina, Bo, Daniel, Marja, Elsa, Ulrika. For making it possible to celebrate in a marvelous spot, Karin and the White Stockholm office. End friends travelling from far; Kjell and Emilia.

For coordinating, providing the atmosphere, and making git all possible; Ulrika, and again Amelie! While the thesis itself exposes little of the joy and sadness of this day, it can be read here. And for absent loved ones; my father and his partner; Svante and Ulla-Britt, sincerely missed and never forgotten.