Jonas Runberger

Photo: Roberto Chaves

Jonas Runberger
Architect SAR/MSA, M.Arch., Lic.Eng., PhD.
Director of Dsearch, Digital Design Development at White arkitekter AB
Adjunct Professor* and Lecturer in Architecture at KTH School of Architecture

Jonas Runberger is an architect active in practice, research and education, currently based in Stockholm. He is the director of Dsearch – a digital design development environment at White arkitekter, and an Adjunct Professor and Lecturer at the KTH School of Architecture.  He has taught, lectured and been published in Sweden and abroad. His main interests involve the relation between design techniques, architectural production and experiential effect, with an emphasis on the impact of digital technology on both experimental and conventional practice. Particular concerns within this field are protocols for collaborative design processes, digital technology as support from early design stages to final production, as well as the merging of digital and physical design aspects.

He concluded his PhD in Architecture and Project Communication at the KTH School of Architecture and the Built Environment in 2012, and is co-founder and lecturer of Studio 9 – the Architectural Technology Research Studio at the KTH School of Architecture. Previous teaching include Diploma Unit 16 at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, the Architecture InFormation studio at KTH School of Architecture, the Architecture & Digital Design Systems Masters program at London Metropolitan University, the Machinic Processes in Architectural Design at ETHZ (Zurich, Switzerland) and workshops, lectures and reviews at SIAL / RMIT (Melbourne, Australia), Columbia University (New York) and SCI-Arc (Los Angeles).  He has previously been director of Research & Development at Scheiwiller Svensson Architects and a frequent collaborator of Servo. He is an affiliate partner in Urban Future Organization and a member of the OCEAN Design Research Association, and was was a founding partner of the research collaborative krets.

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* The full title of the Adjunct Professorship is ‘Architecture with a specialisation towards Applied Digital Design in Architectural Practice’, and it is active 2014 – 2017.