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Architecture and Technology, drivers for innovation, lecture 3/12 2008

Posted by on December 4, 2008

Background image parametric variations in the PARCEL project

Background image PARCEL parametric variations

As part of the education for engineers focusing on component design,  I talked on the topic of Architecture and Technology at the University of Jönköping. The lecture was divided in two parts. In the firs half, I presented Swedish and international references of work in the field of parametric design as well as industrial production and Building Information Modeling. In the second half, I presented two Krets projects, and my own continued research based on these projects, as part of my licientiate thesis. Later the same day, I had another presentation for Design students from Jönköping and Växjö, at the office of Vandalorum in Värnamo.

Fabriksbyggt, 2006

Posted by on November 1, 2008

Ylva Gunterberg Ädelqvist and Jonas Runberger interviewed on their experiences from their study on Swedish modular housing, and their vision on the future role of the architect.

Interview in Swedish design magazine RUM

Volymelement i bostadsarkitekturen, 2006

Posted by on November 1, 2006

Publication based on the report on modular housing for Boverket, researched and written by Ylva Gunterberg Ädelqvist and Jonas Runberger. Focused on the pragmatic aspects of modular housing and complete material of the featured case studies. Available in Swedish from Arkus

Bostäder byggda med volymelement [ssark], 2006

Posted by on September 1, 2006

This report is the result of a in-depth study on the industrial production of volumetric modules for housing in Scandinavia. The study was initiated by Ylva Gunterberg Ädelqvist and Jonas Runberger through Scheiwiller Svensson Architects. It is based on explicative case studies of five Swedish projects, as well as over 200 interviews with actors in teh field. The published report also includes a conclusion and vision on the role of the architect in future industrialized building processes. Available in Swedish from Byggkostnadsforum. Also available online here: www.boverket.se/upload/publicerat/bifogade%20filer/2006/bostader_byggda_med_volymelement.pdf

Co-authored with Ylva Gunterberg Ädelqvis. Study done as employee of Scheiwiller Svensson Architects.