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Posted by on October 22, 2008

This post refers to recent activities to contextualize what I am up to in the near future, and as part of the migration of the content from the old runberger.net website into the new blog based site. In short, it is an archive of previous news posts since Novmeber 2005.

> October 2008 > Guest columnist in October issue of Swedish design magazine Rum.

> September 2008 > Receiving a Technial Licentiate at the KTH School of Architecture, after presenting the Architectural Prototypes licentiate thesis in a seminar with referee Michael Speaks.

> September 2008 > Appointed Unit Master of Diploma Unit 16 at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London.

> September 2008 > Lecturing on Prototypes and Parametric Devices in the Performative Design studio at the KTH School of Architecure.

> August 2008 > Initiating a position as PhD candidat at the KTH School of Industrial Engineering and Management.

> June 2008 > The licentiate thesis Architectural Prototypes: Modes of Design Development and Architectural Practice is completed.

> May 2008 > Show Unit is exhibited in the Fokus Kina exhibition at Östasiatiska museet.

> May 2008 > Panel member at the Prototypical Shelter roundtable discussion at the Art University of Linz.

> May 2008 > Commissioned by Arkus to write an overview of the new tools and techniques of the architect.

> May 2008 > Invited critic in diploma jury at LTH School of Architecture.

> April 2008 > Final PhD seminar with external reviewer Michael Speaks, dean of Kentucky University College of Design.

> March 2008 > Conducting the third study trip to London offices with the Architecture InFormation design studio at the KTH together with Engineering students from the University of Jönköping.

> February 2008 > Invited critic in diploma jury at LTH School of Architecture.

> February 2008 > Advanced PhD seminar with external reviewer Fredrik Nilsson (White Arkitekter).

> January 2008 > Lecture on visualization, simulation and prototyping at University West, Trollhättan.

> December 2007 > Commissioned educator in parametric design application GenerativeComponents at Tema Architects, Stockholm.

> December 2007 > External reviewer for Arkus funded research project for practicing architects.

> November 2007 > Krets project SplineGraft is featured in the Ben van Berkel and the Theatre of Immanence exhibition at the Portikus gallery in Frankfurt.

> October 2007 > Joining the board of Stockholms Arkitektförening, the local branch of the Swedish Association of Architects.

> October 2007 > SplineGraft featured in September issue of Spanish magazine Pasajes Construcción .

> October 2007 > Lectures on Structure, Representation and Digital Techniques in 1st and 2nd year at the KTH School of Architecture.

> October 2007 > Lecture on Architecture and Technology: Drivers for Innovation at the School of Engineering at the University of Jönköping.

> September 2007 > Advising architect for the Spelar Roll exhibition at the Living History Forum, Stockholm.

> September 2007 > Attending the Creative Systems – Architecture in a New Industrialized Context conference at CINARK, Copenhagen.

> September 2007 > Initiating the Architecture InFormation Articulations 4th year design studio at the KTH School of Architecture, in collaboration with Ulrika Karlsson.

> August 2007 > Presenting the work of Krets at METROPOLIS lab in Copenhagen.

> June 2007 > Invited critic at London Metropolitan University.

> May 2007 > Invited participant in workshop in the Cultural Infrastructure Kista project of the Interactive Institute in Kista.

> May 2007 > Reivew of Morphosis courthouse project in Eugene, Oregon, published in RUM design journal.

> April 2007 > The proposal for the Gotland Arena project , a collaboration with YAJ Architects , goes public.

> April 2007 > Attending the Manufacturing Material Effects symposium at Ball State University, Indianapolis.

> March 2007 > Temporarily relocating to Los Angeles for a 2 month research trip, funded by ARQ Foundation.

> February 2007 > Lecturing at Mejan Labs in Stockholm.

> January 2007 > Participating in the Smart Geometry Winter Workshop in New York.

> December 2006 > Member of the Online Group of the Space of Communication research project, based at the Städelschule in Frankfurt.

> November 2006 > Invited speaker at Arkus-dagen.

> November 2006 > Lecture on Material Remediations in SplineGraft at the Architectural Association, London.

> November 2006 > Appointed External Examiner for MA Architecture & Digital Design Systems at London Metropolitan University.

> November 2006 > The Architecture In-Formation design studio is initiated at the KTH School of Architecure.

> October 2006 > Lecture on Architecture and Technology: Contemporary Phenomena at the School of Engineering at the University of Jönköping.

> September 2006 > Krets project SplineGraft presented at dorkbot sthlm 4, in a day long event hosted by CRAC and Ersta konsthall.

> September 2006 > Lecture on the role of the architect in industrialized processes in the professional studies programme organized by Swedish Associaiton of Architects.

> August 2006 > SplineGraft featured in Arkitekten, German Form magazine and Entry Paradise: New Worlds of Design .

> August 2006 > Jonas Runberger and Pablo Miranda complete the new Krets project SplineGraft exhibited at Open House: Intelligent Living by Design, a travelling exhibition organized by Vitra Design Stiftung and Art Center College of Design.

> June 2006 > Jonas Runberger and Ylva Gunterberg Ädelqvist are interviewed in Swedish design magazine RUM.

> June 2006 > Attending Generative Components summit in Prague.

> May 2006 > Presentation at seminar on industrialized housing production organized by Swedish Institute of Steel Construction.

> May 2006 > External advisor for validation of new MA programs on digital design and manufacture at London Metropolitan University.

> April 2006 > Lecture on Representation as Design Instrument at Visual Forum 2006 , Gothenburg.

> March 2006 > Article on the potential of new architectural design tools and industrialized production published in Arkitekten (Swedish only).

> March 2006 > The Informed Modularity design studio was completed at KTH, Stockholm.

> March 2006 > Pablo Miranda and Jonas Runberger lectured on Material Remediations at the Architectural Association, London.

> Feb 2006 > Report on Volumetric housing production completed at Scheiwiller Svensson Architects, funded and published by Boverket.

> Jan 2006 > Krets participates in the AKAD group exhibition at Lunds Konsthall, opening reception Jan. 20.

> Jan 2006 > Lecture on the role of the architect in industrialized processes in the professional studies programme organized by Swedish Associaiton of Architects.

> Dec 2005 > Krets is introduced to Generative Components, a parametric extension to the Microstation CAD-package, which will be used in teaching and redevelopment of the PARCEL project.

> Nov 2005 > The new Krets website is now on-line!

> Nov 2005 > Movie production for the exhibition Vems Röst? Vilken Musik? at Musikmuseet, Stockholm

> Nov 2005 > Lectures at Konstfack and Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm.

> Nov 2005 > Presentation of paper “Remediation as operation and strategy within architectural design development” at the Research Spaces conference, London.

> Nov 2005 > Presentation of personal research at Plats schhh…. , an exhibition at Konstakademin, Stockholm.