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KTH studio 11, Architectures of Interdisciplinarity final review

Posted by on December 18, 2010

Excpert from the project by Grégoire Stouck and Ecehan Esra Top

Excpert from the project by Grégoire Stouck and Ecehan Esra Top

In the second project of studio 11 in the fall 2010 our students were asked to deploy the techniques for digital design as well as structural and environmental analysis in the design of a visitors´centre for the Högdalen Energy from Waste power plant. This involved a basic understanding of the programmatic requirements of the facility and the added functions, as well as the development of a design strategy for industrial sites. This assignment also introduced the theme of the year, as the spring will see the design of new Energy from Waste facilities in three different sites around Stockholm.

Beside all tutors of the studio; Hanif Kara, Paul Scott, Reuben Brambleby, Lina Martinsson Achi and myself, we also had our assisting tutors Alexander Trimboli and Raimo Joss, and invited guests Helena Jarlöv Glantz and Sander Schuur in for the review. A great ending of the first intense semester of the new studio.

More about the studio here: https://www.kth.se/social/page/architectures-of-interdiscipli/

Project or Proposal (PoP), 2002

Posted by on October 25, 2002

The PoP course critically explored a number of related issues concerning the areas between concept and technology, model and representation and process and proposal. The course reevaluated the components of the architectural project through the use and abuse of digital tools and the development of instrumental models.

The course was founded in the interest of the academic architectural project and its context, and the use of its potential. This five week course was set up to explore different themes and design environments, in order to find different potentials. Three different tracks were defined by references, in theory, literature and existing projects. Although dependent on texts to set up environments for discussion, the students were asked to do complete design projects, and stress issues as far as possible in five summer weeks. Projects range for explorations of attitude in a design-process, to actual suggestions for different “real” interventions, always with a mode of speculation.

KTH School of Architecture summer studio 2002
Examinator: Peter Ullstad
Tutors: Pablo Miranda, Daniel Norell, Jonas Runberger, Adam Somlai-Fischer