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KTH studio 11, Architectures of Interdisciplinarity final review

Posted by on December 18, 2010

Excpert from the project by Grégoire Stouck and Ecehan Esra Top

Excpert from the project by Grégoire Stouck and Ecehan Esra Top

In the second project of studio 11 in the fall 2010 our students were asked to deploy the techniques for digital design as well as structural and environmental analysis in the design of a visitors´centre for the Högdalen Energy from Waste power plant. This involved a basic understanding of the programmatic requirements of the facility and the added functions, as well as the development of a design strategy for industrial sites. This assignment also introduced the theme of the year, as the spring will see the design of new Energy from Waste facilities in three different sites around Stockholm.

Beside all tutors of the studio; Hanif Kara, Paul Scott, Reuben Brambleby, Lina Martinsson Achi and myself, we also had our assisting tutors Alexander Trimboli and Raimo Joss, and invited guests Helena Jarlöv Glantz and Sander Schuur in for the review. A great ending of the first intense semester of the new studio.

More about the studio here: https://www.kth.se/social/page/architectures-of-interdiscipli/

Presenting paper at ACSA Flip Your Field

Posted by on October 24, 2010

The ACSA Flip Your Field advert

The ACSA Flip Your Field advert

I presented the paper Cognitive Estrangement in Digital Design Practice at the 2010 ACSA West Central Fall Conference in Chicago. The theme of the year was Flip Your Field, implying to a return to issues explored in architectural research over the past fifteen years in order to define ten opportunities for ideological re-investment with the aim to trade up the discipline. I was part of the Versions panel, and I suggested that there is a need to link speculative design work with global issues in order to not do less experimental work, but rather more, but tied into narratives that opens up the field of exploration.

The paper suggests that there are concepts and definitions within Science Fiction studies that may be useful in order to establish frameworks for this mode of speculative design. This is a trajectory that will be continued in my forthcoming PhD thesis.

Accepting position as Director of Research and Development

Posted by on February 9, 2009

I have accepted the role of Director of Research and Development at Scheiwiller Svensson Architects. I will still be directing the ssark medialab, which makes my current 20% position at the office entirely devoted to issues of development. This work is very relevant to my PhD research project, and especially our trials with a DocuWiki system as a platform fro collaborative development work will be a very important case in my thesis work. The work includes the coordination of six different development fields, including the ssark medialab.